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Graph SiteIDSensorIDSensor DescriptionRain (in.)
Graph 38003800NW 68th @ Line Creek Rain1.379
Graph 38403840NW Waukomis @ Old Maids Creek Rain1.300
Graph 38603860I-29 @ Line Creek Rain1.182
Graph 39003900NW Vivion @ East Creek Rain1.103
Graph 36003600108th @ West Branch of 2nd Creek Rain1.103
Graph 33603360102nd & Lexington Ave Rain1.024
Graph 38103810Barry Rd @ Line Creek Rain1.024
Graph 41504150NW 80th @ Walnut Creek Rain1.024
Graph 42004200Lisbon @ Todd Creek Rain1.024
Graph 36603660Skyview @ 2nd Creek Trib Rain0.946
Graph 36203620108th @ East Branch of 2nd Creek Rain0.906
Graph 33303330127th @ Kill Creek Rain0.906
Graph 38803880Prairie View Weather Rain0.906
Graph 38203820NW 68th @ East Fork Line Creek Rain0.827
Graph 56005600Porter Park Rain0.788
Graph 57005700Martway @ Rock Creek Rain0.788
Graph 29902990Lamar @ Turkey Creek Rain0.788
Graph 70207020UG Pump Station 14 Rain0.788
Graph 70607060UG Pump Station 29 Rain0.749
Graph 29802980Metcalf @ Turkey Creek Rain0.749
Graph 3340334095th @ Kill Creek Rain0.749
Graph 36403640Cookingham @ 2nd Creek Rain0.749
Graph 22102210Kenneth @ Negro Creek Rain0.749
Graph 5020502075th @ Brush Creek Rain0.748
Graph 5030503074th @ Brush Creek Rain0.748
Graph 1170117099th & Roe Rain0.710
Graph 21702170Nall @ Negro Creek Rain0.709
Graph 21802180Metcalf @ Negro Creek Rain0.709
Graph 23002300Kenneth @ Blue River Rain0.709
Graph 5040504063rd & Mission Rain0.709
Graph 50105010Mission @ Rock Creek Rain0.709
Graph 70007000UG Pump Station 2 Rain0.709
Graph 70507050UG Pump Station 8 Rain0.709
Graph 34803480199th & Clare Rain0.670
Graph 33103310143rd @ Kill Creek Rain0.670
Graph 26102610Eastern Ave @ Fishing River Rain0.670
Graph 22002200Mission @ Negro Creek Rain0.670
Graph 16701670143rd & Grant Rain0.670
Graph 11801180Lamar @ Indian Creek Rain0.670
Graph 11501150Mission Rd. @ Indian Creek Rain0.670
Graph 11901190Osage Park Rain0.630
Graph 12001200U.S.G.S. Rain0.630
Graph 21402140Mission @ East Camp Branch Rain0.630
Graph 30903090Antioch Rd On-Ramp @ Turkey Creek Rain0.630
Graph 70307030UG Pump Station 50 Rain0.610
Graph 70807080UG Pump Station 64 Rain0.591
Graph 701070105837 Walker Ave Rain0.591
Graph 20102010151st & England Rain0.591
Graph 20602060199th & Ridgeview Rain0.591
Graph 20702070Stilwell Rain0.591
Graph 22402240179th @ Wolf Creek Rain0.591
Graph 22602260U.S. 69 @ Blue River Rain0.591
Graph 26002600NE 112th Ter @ Rocky Branch Creek Rain0.552
Graph 30003000SW Blvd @ Turkey Creek Rain0.552
Graph 30103010Johnson Dr @ Turkey Creek Rain0.552
Graph 20802080191st & Mission Rain0.552
Graph 17301730I-435 & Nall Rain0.552
Graph 16001600Roe @ Tomahawk Creek Rain0.552
Graph 16101610Metcalf @ Tomahawk Creek Rain0.552
Graph 16301630Switzer @ Tomahawk Creek Rain0.552
Graph 53005300KC College Rain0.552
Graph 36903690Summit @ First Creek Rain0.552
Graph 50505050Lee Blvd @ Dykes Branch Rain0.512
Graph 3180318067th & Caenen Rain0.512
Graph 33003300Gardner Lake Rain0.512
Graph 34603460Johnson County Transit Rain0.512
Graph 36803680Pleasant Valley @ Upper Shoal Creek Rain0.512
Graph 11001100O.P. City Hall Rain0.512
Graph 17201720103rd St. @ Indian Creek Rain0.512
Graph 16801680Wilshire Woods Rain0.512
Graph 21202120Switzer @ Coffee Creek Rain0.512
Graph 28002800Prospect & Hwy 150 Rain0.512
Graph 2540254096th & Brighton @ East Fork Shoal Creek Rain0.512
Graph 25202520Barry Rd @ East Fork Shoal Creek Rain0.473
Graph 28902890Woodson Rd & Wildwood Creek Rain0.473
Graph 14001400Waterford Place Rain0.473
Graph 34003400127th & Evening Star Rain0.473
Graph 37203720Hwy 152 @ Upper Shoal Creek Rain0.473
Graph 39803980NE 79th @ East Fork Little Shoal Creek Rain0.473
Graph 3020302069th @ Quail Crk Trib to Turkey Rain0.472
Graph 21102110Quivira @ Coffee Creek Rain0.460
Graph 14501450I-435 @ Quivira Rain0.433
Graph 16201620Quivira @ Tomahawk Creek Rain0.433
Graph 12101210Blackbob @ Indian Creek Rain0.433
Graph 13001300Corporate Woods Rain0.433
Graph 27202720Elm Rd @ White Oak Creek Rain0.433
Graph 2500250017th @ Blue River Rain0.433
Graph 26302630NE 96th @ Little Shoal Creek Rain0.433
Graph 40404040KC Animal Shelter @ Round Grove Creek Rain0.433
Graph 37403740NW Barry Rd @ Upper Shoal Creek Rain0.433
Graph 37003700N Brighton @ Upper Shoal Creek Rain0.433
Graph 39403940N Jackson Dr @ Rock Creek Rain0.433
Graph 32803280Desoto Streamway Park Rain0.433
Graph 34503450New Century Airport Rain0.433
Graph 32503250119th @ Little Cedar Creek Rain0.433
Graph 3260326095th @ Camp Creek Rain0.394
Graph 32403240K-10 @ Cedar Creek Rain0.394
Graph 3160316079th St @ Little Milll Creek Rain0.394
Graph 31303130Lackman @ Little Mill Creek Rain0.394
Graph 34403440191st & Dillie Rain0.394
Graph 33503350151st @ Spoon Creek Rain0.394
Graph 52005200Linwood Rain0.394
Graph 58005800Ward Parkway Rain0.394
Graph 37603760Shoal Creek Stop Log Rain0.394
Graph 37703770Birmingham Pump Station Rain0.394
Graph 40004000N Church Rd @ Little Shoal Creek Rain0.394
Graph 22202220Lackman @ Wolf Creek Rain0.394
Graph 27402740Military Club Rd @ White Oak Creek Rain0.394
Graph 2790279092nd & Ward Pkwy Trib to Indian Creek Rain0.394
Graph 16401640Morse Rain0.394
Graph 16501650Pflumm @ Tomahawk Creek Rain0.394
Graph 17001700J.C.C.C. Rain0.394
Graph 20902090191st @ East Wolf Creek Rain0.394
Graph 21002100Pflumm @ Coffee Creek Rain0.355
Graph 16601660135th & Pflumm Rain0.355
Graph 10101010Century Tower's EOC Rain0.355
Graph 27302730E 83rd St @ White Oak Creek Rain0.355
Graph 26202620N Home Ave @ Fishing River Rain0.355
Graph 2440244063rd @ Blue River Rain0.355
Graph 26402640NE Vivion Rd @ Rock Creek Rain0.355
Graph 26502650NE 42nd Ter @ Buckey Creek Rain0.355
Graph 40804080Blue Ridge Cutoff @ Round Grove Creek Rain0.355
Graph 39203920N Palmer @ Rock Creek Rain0.355
Graph 59005900Main/Brookside Rain0.355
Graph 54005400Paseo HS Rain0.355
Graph 34203420159th & Edgerton Rain0.355
Graph 31003100111th @ Mill Creek Rain0.355
Graph 31903190Johnson Dr & K-7 Rain0.355
Graph 32203220Olathe Lake Discharge Rain0.355
Graph 32303230119th @ Cedar Creek Rain0.355
Graph 31203120SM Pkwy @ Mill Creek Rain0.355
Graph 32703270127th @ Cedar Creek Rain0.354
Graph 31703170Woodland @ Clear Creek Rain0.315
Graph 32003200K-10 & K-7 Rain0.315
Graph 3290329075th & K-7 Rain0.315
Graph 51005100Brooklyn PS Rain0.315
Graph 28402840Blue Pkwy & Little Blue River Knobtown Rain0.315
Graph 29002900Roanoke & 31st @ Turkey Creek Rain0.315
Graph 27102710Bannister & 71 Hwy Rain0.315
Graph 20502050Bonita Rain0.315
Graph 3110311087th Lane @ Mill Creek Rain0.315
Graph 5110511075th Ter & Troost Rain0.276
Graph 60006000Elmwood Rain0.276
Graph 20302030199th & Padbury Rain0.276
Graph 11401140143rd @ Indian Creek Rain0.276
Graph 15001500Olathe Rain0.276
Graph 27002700HickmanMills Dr & I-470 Rain0.276
Graph 24602460Blue Pkwy @ Blue River Rain0.276
Graph 2420242085th @ Blue River Rain0.276
Graph 31503150Woodland @ Coon Creek Rain0.236
Graph 32103210Old Hwy 56 & Harrison Rain0.236

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